After a Flood or Natural Disaster

What to Do if You Need Help in the Event of a Natural Disaster

Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and wild fires are capable of destroying your home and leaving you in an emergency. There are many steps to take to prepare yourself for a natural disaster. Even with excellent planning, you may still find yourself in need of help.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides information on how to prepare for disaster as well as help with the aftermath. DisasterAssistance.gov is one of FEMA's websites you can visit to find out what help is available to you. You will find information on available shelters and local organizations offering food assistance.

American Red Cross

The Red Cross also provides information for disaster preparation and assistance. This organization works on the local and national level. Help is available for housing, food, clothing, medication and even counseling issues. The Red Cross has a program called Safe and Well that allows individuals in disaster areas to register and alert loved ones of their condition.

United Way

Disaster relief from the United Way is available on a local or community level. They also promote the 2-1-1 website to connect individuals in need with the assistance available. The 2-1-1 program can also be accessed by keying those numbers into a cell phone. Emergency response is activated on an area level.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not a specific agency for disaster relief. You can receive information through the agency on health related issues and available services to maintain your health.

In the event of a disaster, local church groups or YMCAs may also be able to provide you with shelter or other assistance. Plan for events as well as possible and know where you can find help if you need it.

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