How to Go Green at Home

How to Go Green When You Buy or Sell Your Home

Green homes focus on energy efficiency, sustainable materials and reducing the family's day-to-day carbon footprint. You have two opportunities to go green during a real estate transaction – when you sell and when you buy.

As a seller:

As you get your home ready to list with a real estate agent, take a look at the work that needs to be done. Just about every home requires some type of work before the home can be shown at its best – and taking a green approach to needed repairs and upgrades will increase the marketability of your home.

If you are painting or upgrading your flooring, choose a green or sustainable option if possible. Not only will your results look great, the increased attention to green living is a great marketing point for your listing. In addition to cosmetic repairs, you can easily add other eco-friendly touches that will appeal to buyers, including a compost bin, built in recycling bins for the kitchen, and energy efficient appliances that will stay with the home. Going green as you prep your home may give you the added edge you need to appeal to buyers and sell quickly.

As a buyer:

As you start your property search, start thinking about the green features that are most important to you in your next home. Pay special attention to home listings that advertise green or energy efficient features – but don't overlook older homes that can be upgraded easily. Most older homes that are in need of an update come with a slightly lower price tag – you can use the difference to boost the home's eco-friendliness when you move in.

As you look at homes, make note of any areas that could easily be upgraded – is that kitchen pantry perfect for a recycling station, or does the home have pristine hardwood floors under that yucky carpet? The easiest green updates to make include swapping out appliances for more energy efficiency and choosing sustainable materials for the upgrades you decide to make.

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