Pool Safety Innovations

Pools and Pets

Buying a home with a pool or building one in the yard of your existing home brings to mind a number of questions. One of the primary issues you will likely consider is safety. It's natural to plan how you will deal with a pool if there are children in your life, but consideration should also be given to any pets in your family.

It is estimated that 5,000 family pets drown in background swimming pools each year. There are steps pet owners can take to protect their own animals.

  1. Install a fence around the pool so that your pet is unable to gain access to the water.
  2. Install a tight-fitting pool cover. Although it's not foolproof, a well-fitted cover can buy you time to get to your pet.
  3. Install a pool alarm. The alarm will alert you if the water is disturbed.
  4. Install an invisible fence around the pool area. This system works by focusing a beam of light around the pool, sounding an alarm if your pet breaks through the beam.
  5. Install a white pet ramp. At eye-level, a ramp is the easiest way for a pet to make his way out of the water. White is the only hue that all animals are able to see.
  6. Train your pet to stay away from the water. Just as you would teach your dog to stay out of the road, make it clear to him that the pool is not a play spot.
  7. Buy a life jacket. While it's not the ideal method of protecting your pet, if there are periods of time during which he is near the pool -- even if the entire family is with him -- make sure that he has a moderate level of protection. A life jacket may buy your pet time.

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