Choosing Sustainable Materials for Your Home Remodel

Eco-Friendly Products for the Green Homeowner

Performing a property search and locating the ideal real estate agent can be challenging. This challenge is increasingly complicated when you are a green living family and you need certain aspects of the home to follow that lifestyle. Though a real estate agent can search MLS listings for the right eco-friendly home, they cannot help to find the green products that will fit that home. That search is up to you, but with the latest advancements in green living, the search is a bit easier.

Eco-friendly people have latched onto certain green living products for their homes. The most popular product for the eco-friendly home is an air purifier. You can purchase air purifiers for specific rooms in your home or as an entire heating and cooling air duct unit. Though the latter is a costly item, the health benefits in the long run are worth the fee.

Eco-friendly products for green homeowners expand to appliances as well. Most green living enthusiasts want appliances that use as little water and energy as possible. Appliances that recycle the water are a big hit for green homeowners. Built in composting bins, low water dishwashers and low energy large appliances are also big hits for green homeowners. Low-water showers and toilets are a standard for green homeowners who want to maintain modern living while still keeping things safe for Mother Earth. The added benefit to these appliances is found on lower monthly energy bills.

Companies such as Watkins, Scentsy and Shaklee offer green homeowners the chance to clean and live naturally with eco-friendly products for bathrooms, bedrooms and cleaning. Watkins and Shaklee offer eco-friendly cleaning and laundry products to maintain fresh green living throughout the home. Scentsy and similar companies offer eco-friendly soy candles and scent products to keep your home smelling clean and fresh throughout the year.

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