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Who does your agent work for?

Where do Real Estate Agents come from?

Now that you are thinking about buying a home, you may be paying closer attention to all the real estate agents painted on bus stops, plastered on billboards and smiling out of your television screen. You may then wonder where all those real estate agents come from.

How and where are real estate careers born? Another question may pop into your head as you tour real estate websites: why is one seller of real estate called an agent whereas another is referred to as a broker? Furthermore, what is the difference between an independent broker and one connected to a large real estate agency?

Some real estate agents start work right out of high school after taking a real estate exam, while others may have law degrees. While some states don't require coursework before taking the test to become an agent, others may mandate successful completion of real estate-related college classes before licensing.

To sell real estate listings and help clients with a real estate search, agents must work for agencies run by real estate brokers. Brokers are what you might call deluxe real estate agents. They sell real estate, but they also are allowed to open their own agencies and to hire and manage agents. If they have their own agency, they may either be independent or affiliated with a large chain of real estate offices.

Usually, brokers have more education and pass harder exams than real estate agents. Some brokers may have two- or four-year college degrees in real estate whereas others may have studied any number of subjects in college. Lawyers who have passed their state bar exam, aren't required to take real estate classes, but must pass their state broker exam.

If, at this point, you are wondering whether you might become a real estate agent or broker, the thing to do is to check out your state's requirements by contacting the state real estate commission.

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