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Is going FSBO a good idea?

Why should I go FSBO? Why not?

When you prepare to sell your home, you can choose between listing the property with a licensed real estate agent and attempting to sell it on your own. If you decide to sell the home yourself, your home is For Sale By Owner, or FSBO. Going FSBO is a big decision, so you should weigh your options carefully.


  • Better profit. When you sell your home without enlisting the help of a Realtor, you don't have to worry about paying someone else a portion of your profits. Instead, you can keep all of the money for yourself.
  • No pressure. Real estate agents sometimes pressure their clients to accept a lower offer or reduce the asking price on their homes. If you list your home as FSBO, you won't have to worry about this extra pressure.


  • Advertising costs. If you work with a Realtor, he will upload your home's information into the national database of real estate listings. However, if you sell the home on your own, you must pay to have the home listed and advertised.
  • Limited exposure. When you hire a Realtor, he will do everything he can to sell your home. He may advertise it on his website, pitch it to other clients or offer you advice to increase its appeal. When you go FSBO, you won't have this added assistance. Furthermore, Realtors won't be motivated to show your home because they can't earn a profit.
  • Longer time to sale. Because of the limited exposure your home will receive, it may take longer to find a buyer. Some buyers may be hesitant to work with you because you aren't represented by an agent, while others may be steered away from your home by their Realtors.

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