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What kinds of education do Realtors have?

What kind of education do most Realtors have?

To become a Realtor, professionals must fulfill the requirements for state licensure. In order to qualify for licensure, Realtors must complete a specialized program that teaches them all of the relevant realty laws, sales methods and other information they need to succeed in the real estate business.

Basic Licensure Requirements

The requirements for real estate agent education differ by state. Most states require licensure candidates to complete a minimum number of hours of study in an approved real estate education program. To qualify for entry to the program, applicants must be at least 18 years old and have at least a high school diploma or equivalent degree. Many states also require Realtors to pass a licensure exam before they can begin working in the field.

Typical Realtor Education Programs

Realtor education programs teach candidates for real estate licensure about all of the issues they will confront while working in the field. During the course, students learn about mortgages and the financing process. With this information, they can effectively determine a client's price range based on their income and other expenses. Real estate education courses also teach Realtors about the sales and bidding process. During this portion of the course, students learn how to make offers on properties, present counter offers and negotiate with sellers and other real estate professionals.

Finally, Realtor education programs teach Realtors about the closing process. With a thorough understanding of the closing process, Realtors can guide and inform their clients about the closing process ahead of time and provide support every step of the way.

Choosing a Realtor

Though Realtors must meet minimum requirements to qualify for licensure, it's still wise to verify that your Realtor has received proper training before you sign a contract. Ask your Realtor to provide evidence of his education program and licensure, as well as some recommendations from previous clients.

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