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For Agents: Realtor Etiquette

For Agents: 5 Things a Realtor should avoid doing

You're a professional Realtor. You already know your job is to represent your client, whether they're in the process of selling or buying property. They're counting on you to be their guiding light, their beacon in a storm of confusing choices. Because you'll be playing such a vital role, there are a number of things you should avoid doing.

  1. Never exaggerate the value of a property. As tempting as it may be to tell potential home sellers that you can sell their home for far more than any of their neighbors have netted, it's a mistake. Even if it means that the sellers are going to sign with another agent who will exaggerate the value of their home, it's unethical and a poor business practice. You know that overpriced property will languish on the market, eventually engulfing it in the stink of an "old listing."
  2. Never tell potential buyers what they can afford. Homebuyers -- particularly first time buyers -- are apt to get caught up in the excitement of the hunt, making them easy marks for the "upsell." You know that the amount home lenders tell potential buyers they can borrow is not necessarily the amount buyers can easily afford. Help them as they navigate the murky waters of how a mortgage is going to play into their monthly budget.
  3. Never tell a buyer that there are other offers on the table unless it is absolutely true.
  4. Never promise buyers that the value of their investment is sure to go up. As history has shown, this is not always the truth.
  5. Never underestimate or attempt to cover the problems a home may have. If you do manage to cover the fact that the basement leaks every time there's a hard rain, it will either be caught in home inspection or the new buyers will figure it out during the first downpour. In either case, your reputation is shredded.

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