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How To Assess The School District Before Buying A Home

How to Guage School Districts and Programs to Make Sure They're the Perfect Fit

When you're looking for real estate, don't forget to check out the school district you'll be moving into. You need to figure out which school your children will attend, whether it’s a high school, middle school or one of the elementary schools. How do you assess a school to see if it's good enough to send your children to? There are at least three things you should consider:

  • How Students Perform on Standardized Tests – You want to see that the average test scores are at or above the national average, so you know that the teachers at the school are doing a good job of educating students. If your children are college-bound, you should make sure the school has a good record of students performing well on admissions tests and enrolling in colleges they want to attend.
  • Programs and Extracurricular Activities the School Offers – Is your child interested in sports, drama, or music? You can ask around or check online to see if this particular school offers those programs and how they stack up compared to what you want or what you're used to.
  • Overall Discipline in the School – It is best if students at a particular school want to learn. Students naturally like to attend schools where they feel safe, secure, and where they feel like they are in a quality school worthy of their time.

These are just three factors to consider while researching a school district that you might move into. Ask around the neightborhood or do some research online, and find out the scoop on the local schools. You'll be glad you did.

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