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A Quick Tip When Looking for a Contractor

Always review the inspection and building permit records for former homes built by the contractor. Every new home or major remodeling project requires government inspection and approval to ensure the work is safe and up to code. Not only does this protect the public but it is a great way to evaluate potential building contractors.

First, request a list of homes or projects built by the contractor then go down to the government office in charge of inspections and permits. Permits are part of the public record and a worker will be happy to help you research a few homes. Pay special attention to failed inspections or permit violations. Although it is not uncommon to find a few minor issues, repeat violations or extensive failures could be a potential warning sign of trouble. At a minimum the delays may cost you additional time and money while building your new home or at worst, indicate a problem with the quality of work. It is also a great way to find reputable contractors with established reputations rather than fly by night contractors who are new to the game and unlikely to be there in the future should problems arise.

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