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Quick Way to Cut Homeowners Insurance Rates

As the average cost of home owners insurance continues to climb, more people are searching for quick ways to cut homeowners insurance rates without sacrificing coverage. Use these money saving ideas to cut your homeowners insurance:

Increase the deductible. It is possible to save over 20 percent on your homeowners insurance rates by increasing your deductible to $1,000. Take the additional savings and put it into a safe, interest bearing account to pay the deductible should you have a claim. It won't take long before the savings on your homeowners insurance rates pays the $1,000 in full.

Request a multiple policy discount. Many homeowners insurance policies will provide an additional discount if you insure two or more policies with them. Common examples include home and car.

Improve your home. Request a list of available discounts for security systems, fire alarms, dead-bolt locks and other small improvements. Depending upon the age and location of your home, larger home improvements might make sense as well; for example, updating an older electrical system or adding storm shutters could more than pay for itself in reduced insurance rates.

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