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The Internet's Place in Selling a Home

What to Avoid When Advertising on the Internet

There are a lot of real estate listings competing for buyers' attention on the Internet. You and your agent want to make sure your listing stands out and makes your home look desirable. But all too often, agents or sellers post ads that stand out only because of a photo featuring the dirty dishes in the sink or the peeling paint on the front door. Make sure your listing will get positive, and not negative, attention.

  • Clean your home before you take the pictures you will post on the Internet. Think airy and spacious, not cluttered, with dirty socks on the floor. This sounds elementary, but a recent article in the real estate newspaper Banker & Tradesman chronicled actual photos pulled off Internet home listings that show a bedroom littered with rubbish and dirty clothes. The article's author shows more photos on his blog: a stained and crumbling bathtub, and a dirty bathroom sink with cabinet doors hanging off their hinges. It's OK if you're trying to sell a home that's less-than-perfect, but don't showcase the worst of the worst in your advertisements!
  • Make sure your agent remembers that the Internet provides a place to really describe the house for sale using full sentences and without abbreviations. According to Matthew Ferrara, a Boston real estate technology expert, too many agents are still writing as though they're placing a three-line classified ad into the local paper. Instead, Ferrara says to describe what it feels like to live in the house and tell a story in the description.

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