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The Internet's Place in Selling a Home

Six Things to Include in Your Internet Listing

There are thousands of real estate listings out there advertising homes for sale . Make sure yours stands out by including these six components.

  1. A good price. Naming the right price is the essential first step to selling a home. Without a price people will want to pay -- a price that seems to match the photos in your online listing -- you're not going to get a lot of people touring your home. Indeed, without listing a fair price for your home, you won't get much attention at all. Your agent can help you with this. Compare prices of similar homes that have recently sold in your area before deciding on an asking price.
  2. Pictures. Make sure they're good and that they make your home look attractive. Aim to make your home look sunny and spacious and display pictures of its best features.
  3. A good description. On the Internet, you have a lot of room to make your home sound good. Talk about the island in the kitchen where guests tend to gather or how the window seat in the master bedroom bathes the room in pink light in the evening.
  4. Even more photos. Showcase your back yard or the vegetable garden you've cultivated at the side of the house. You never know what small detail may grab a potential home buyer, so make sure to show them all. But again, make sure all the photos are attractive!
  5. Open house dates. List these, so even casual shoppers can come and see your house.
  6. Current contact info. Make sure it's as easy as possible for potential buyers to contact your agent or you.

Ask a local Homes & Land Realty Expert any questions you may have about the home buying process or begin your new home search now by reviewing our complete list of real estate listings.

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