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How Real Estate Location Effects Your Investment

Finding the Best Real Estate Locations

The best real estate locations are those that never go out of style. Although the saying "location, location, location" is a commonly cited adage, few people realize that location can be impacted by demographics, fashion and fad. However, there are some "classics" that never go out of style in both fashion and real estate . While other trends may come and go, finding the best real estate areas requires an understanding of life-stages and human motivation. At each major life stage, there will always be buyers eager and willing to pay top dollar for a real estate property that fits their need. To find the best real estate locations follow the life-stage trends below:

First-time home buyer. The first-time home buyer is often in the early stages of his or her career and starting a family. Affordability & Access dominate the needs of this stage. An affordable home located within a convenient location of good schools and work will make this an ideal starter home for years to come. Small enhancements to the property can mean a lot to the first time home buyer who is often starting out with a limited budget.

Mature Middle Class Managers. These busy professionals are established in their careers and family life but place a premium on time savings, entertaining, comfort and the ability to care for aging parents or teenage children. Larger homes and Lifestyle is very important so community amenities such as recreation, parks, trails and shopping will appeal to this group as they attempt to juggle work and pleasure.

Fun and Family. Vacation homes never go out of style. Search for low maintenance homes surrounded by natural beauty or the heart of tourist attractions to find a premium real estate treasure.

Retirement. Down-sizing is a common theme for retirees who have spent a lifetime working and desire a maintenance free home that allows them the convenience and flexibility to pursue other interests. Comfortable, smaller homes with minimal to no maintenance are attractive to retirees. Day to day amenities and recreation such as golf, shopping, medical care and other services become important

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