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How Real Estate Location Effects Your Investment

Evaluating Real Estate Locations

Finding the best real estate location requires research. Once you locate the perfect real estate market then a qualified real estate professional can help you find the perfect property but how do you go about finding the best real estate cities or location to begin with?

There are several things a savvy real estate investor or home buyer can do to find top real estate locations.

1. Begin by narrowing down your search by using the U.S. Census Bureau State and County Quick Facts tool available at With this tool you can find out the population, average age, percentage of home ownership, if the population is growing or declining and much more.

2. After narrowing down your choices, research the county and surrounding counties. Sometimes a few miles can make a big difference when it comes to taxes, impact fees, resale values and more.

3. Once you have located the ideal city, order a real estate guide from Homes and Land and use the free real estate agent locater tool.

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