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New Luxury Homes Go Green

New luxury home buyers place a premium on environmentally friendly, health conscious building and design. Three primary considerations are driving the latest shift from conspicuous consumption to sustainability:

Personal health and well-being. Water filtration, solarium, fitness room and personal spa are just a few of the most sought after amenities in the luxury home market. Luxury home owners want to remain healthy and vital in the convenience of their own home.

Environmental consciousness. Passive solar, bamboo flooring, marble bathrooms, energy efficient appliances and alternative energy sources are only a few of the environmentally friendly - and cost effective - choices new luxury home builders are able to work with.

Back to Basics. Beautiful views of nature, hand forged ironworks, natural stone, outdoor kitchens and a renewed emphasis on natural beauty and craftsmanship are rapidly replacing gold plated toilets. Comfortable living that is good for the body, mind and environment is at the heart of the new luxury home market.

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