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Top Trends in Luxury Homes

Thinking about building a new luxury home? Check out these top trends in luxury custom homes to make sure your home is as luxurious tomorrow as it is today.

  1. Think Green. Solar, alternative energy, sustainable building materials and non-toxic building materials are just a few of the choices available to new luxury home builders.
  2. Safe and Secure. Luxury home buyers recognize the need for safety and security. Whole house back-up generators, privacy measures, secure wireless home networks and state of the art security systems are just a few of the in-demand hot trends in the luxury home market.
  3. Technology for Tomorrow. Telecommuters, home media rooms, whole house wireless networks for business and entertainment plus much more are just a few of the considerations to take into account when designing your new luxury home.
  4. Fun and Fitness. Sauna, massage rooms, a home fitness facility and media room are just a few of the more popular choices among luxury home buyers. Home swim spa's or treadmill type pools such as an Endless Pool are also in high demand along with home theaters, pool and dart rooms or other relaxing favorites.
  5. Inside Out. Big vistas, outdoor kitchens and solariums or greenhouses are popular choices as homeowners seek a more casual approach to entertaining.

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