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Multiple Generations Under one Roof

Multiple Generations Under One Roof: What to Consider Before You Buy

There are many great reasons for housing multiple generations under a single roof. If Grandma needs someone around to handle heavy chores and take over the driving, moving in with a younger generation can help. The young folks can benefit, too, by having another pair of adult eyes watching out for little ones and even sharing kitchen chores and other household tasks. Combining a household with multiple generations will cause a little more wear and tear on the house, so be aware of some of the potential issues you may incur as you peruse the real estate listings.

  • Kid Damage –  From infants to teens, having a house full of kids can lead to plenty of damage. From a 3-year-old's art project on the living room wall to the teen who tracks in dirt and mud whenever he comes inside, kids can cause big damage to a home.
  • Pet Damage – With more people come more pets. If Grandpa has a dog, Mom and Dad have cats and the kids have guinea pigs, the household can incur some pet odors and damage pretty quickly, particularly if the pets don't get along. Know how everyone feels about pets before you move into a multigenerational household and you'll prevent problems and damage before they can occur.
  • Don't Forget Grandma – Older people can cause damage or alterations to a home as well. If you need to install special equipment into the bath or bedroom, this isn't actually damage, but it will affect the look of your home. Elderly members of the family suffering from memory issues can cause damage or dangerous conditions in the kitchen or garage, mainly by beginning a project and then forgetting to follow through, resulting in damage to appliances and a higher fire risk.

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