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Relocating Checklist

The cost of relocating depends on many factors, but to determine how much it will cost you to relocate use this quick checklist.

1. Cost of Living: Typically the largest difference in your cost of living will be the cost of housing. Depending upon where you live now and where you intend to relocate, that may be good news or bad news. If you are not sure what the average cost of housing runs in the new area, contact a local real estate agent or order a real estate magazine from to review average prices in the area. Other cost of living items may include insurance rates, property taxes, utilities, transportation costs and food. A real estate agent who is familiar with the area can provide excellent averages for your new area.

2. Moving expenses. Decide in advance if you will do it yourself or hire a company. The costs can vary significantly and it's not always less expensive to do it yourself. Remember to calculate the cost of time away from work, hotel, food and other costs associated with moving. Depending upon how far you are relocating the costs can add up!

3. Other vehicles, RVs, boats and transfer fees: Many people forget to include the cost of transferring boats, planes and vehicles over long distances, impact fees, tags, license updates and other fees. Storage and transportation, insurance and other costs quickly add to the total bill when relocating so plan ahead. Ask your insurance agent about rates in the new area and be sure to inquire about storage with your real estate agent.

4. Utilities:. Finally, contact all utility companies in advance to determine the cost of installation, transfers, deposits and other fees to get your phone, electric, water, trash, cable and other utilities up and running!

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