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Renting a House

What to Consider when Renting a House

Renting a home offers you a good compromise between an apartment and home ownership. You will have more living space and a greater sense of privacy. Renting also gives you the chance to get a feeling for home ownership. On the downside, a rental home may require more upkeep on your part.

Questions to ask yourself about the home

  • Is the home the right size for your needs? You do not want to end up with something too big or too small.
  • Do you need to provide your own appliances? Does the home have a washer and dryer hook-up available?
  • How large is the yard? If the home has a large yard, you will most likely be required to take care of the lawn maintenance.
  • Does the home have a garage or do you need to park in the street?
  • If you have children, is the rental in a good location for schools and community events?
  • How far do you need to commute for work?
  • Is the home in a neighborhood you will enjoy?

Questions to ask about the lease

Make sure you fully understand the lease agreement before you make your final decision. You need to know what utilities you are responsible for. You should ask what maintenance would be your responsibility. You may need to cut the grass but not be required to trim trees. The property owner will likely cover HVAC repairs but you probably will need to maintain the furnace filter.

Once you have rented a home, you may find you want one of your own. When you are checking home listings in your area, look for the opportunity for a home with a purchase option. Contact a real estate agent; you may be surprised to find that the amount you pay in rental could be the same as a monthly mortgage payment.

Find a home or apartment for rent. We have agents specializing in many areas around the United States and internationally. If you are ready to buy a home, you can begin your new home search by reviewing our real estate listings in the local area..

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