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Renting a Room

Looking to Rent a Room? Things to Consider

Renting a room in a private home can provide significant savings over maintaining your own home or apartment. You will normally have more flexibility when it comes to signing a lease or other contract. For your safety and protection, you should consider many things before you make this type of move.


Your personal security and that of your belongings should be your priority. How secure is the building or home? Does your room have a strong lock that is changed regularly? Ask for references from former tenants if possible. You might even want to stop by the local police station to see if the address has frequent criminal complaints.


How much privacy will you have? Some room rentals will have a private entrance allowing you to come and go freely. You should ask about noise levels. Find out in advance what you may be subjected to and what your limitations are. If there are other tenants in the home, ask if the landlord runs background checks. You will want to know if there are any restrictions in place for your personal visitors.


What bathroom facilities are available to you? Some rentals may provide a private bath but many do not. This can be an important factor when it comes to showering and general use. If the bathroom is communal, find out if there is any scheduling system for showering.

Ask about your kitchen privileges, if any. If the kitchen is available for your use, find out what the rules are for clean up and food storage. In addition, ask about parking for your vehicle. If only on-street parking is provided, make sure that there are no restrictions imposed by the town or city.

Thoroughly investigate any residence before you rent a room. Make sure you know what your financial obligations are in advance. If you are cautious, your rental choice can work very well for you.

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