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Renting a Room

Renting an efficiency room

An efficiency room or efficiency apartment is a great option for single renters or young couples who do not need the space of a traditional apartment. It normally consists of a single room that includes living, sleeping and dining space. Often these units are in apartment buildings, but they are sometimes created out of space in a large private home.

The main appeal of an efficiency room is the cost. But even with a lower rental price, you have a lot to consider when conducting your real estate search for one these efficiency rooms. Knowing what to expect in an efficiency allows you to get the best deal on the best living space possible.

The Bathroom

Look at the bathroom. By definition, according to SFGate, an efficiency should have its own separate, private bathroom. Find out how the bathroom is laid out in the apartment. Is it off the main room, or will you have to go through a public area of the house? A well-placed bathroom makes for a happier living arrangement.

The Kitchen

Next, look into the kitchen area of the efficiency room. Check and see if everything is up to code and determine if the setup meets your food preparation needs. If the kitchen lacks needed amenities, or the appliances do not meet code, determine who is responsible for bringing them up to code; it varies from city to city. Go online to learn what is required in terms of building code or speak to someone from your city's code enforcement agency. For instance, the Baltimore Building Department's website provides this information for that city.

Space Concerns

Finally, decide if the space offered is sufficient. What do you need in your room? Will you have access to storage space, or will you need to rent a storage unit for your items? Renting an efficiency room often saves money up front, but if you have many additional expenses it can sometimes make sense to consider other options when you conduct your property search.

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