ArticleThumb_DownMarketIf you want to — or need to — sell your home in a down market, consider these tips to keep you from suffering depression:

1 Use a professional

While many people take a FSBO (for sale by owner) approach in a “hot” real estate market, a down economy suggests that you’re better served by using an experienced real estate professional to market and sell your house properly.

2 Perform pre-sale TLC

Notice the absence of the phrase “major improvements.” A down market does not reward home sellers with big dollars for major improvements. However, if some appliances obviously need  replacement or rooms need TLC with new paint and refreshing, do it before your home enters the market.


3 Learn about “staging” your home

An effective contemporary marketing technique that can be very effective in a down market, staging a enhances your home’s attractiveness. Make your house spotless with zero clutter, neutral walls, floors and ceilings, and devoid of personal objects (pictures, posters and personal effects). You can even hire a professional to do this.

4 Make contact with a relocation service

Some real estate agents concentrate on buyers who are relocating for career, family or retirement reasons. In a down market, what could be better than having access to people who must by a new home?

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