Home design trends ebb and flow throughout the years. In the 50’s, we saw pastels like pink and mint green splash walls. The 70’s brought us wall-to-wall shag carpet. The 90’s was the decade of “the bigger, the better.” Let’s take a look at five design trends happening now that you might not know about.

1. All around restful

Bathrooms are turning into more than just a wash station. Furnishing the space with homey touches like vases of flowers, ornate chandeliers, and original artwork will ditch that too-sterile feeling for a more inviting vibe. We are seeing a trend of putting the rest in restroom with small cushioned couches or chairs. Even the once-drab rectangular or square mirror can be replaced with an extravagant statement mirror for a more personalized touch.

shutterstock_760539582. Back in black

Black has made its way back into the kitchen space in the form of black stainless steel appliances. The shades can range from a slight black all the way to deep, true black.

Better at repelling fingerprints and smudges than its silver counterpart, black gives a subtle beauty to the kitchen space, without drawing attention to itself. Your kitchen will have a unique design with stylish appliances to match.

Quick Tip

Bronze, which has made a recent appearance on the trend list, offers a lighter alternative to help brighten the space.

shutterstock_2578019173. Media out

Since the advent of television, the family room has slowly morphed into a media room. Now, we are seeing an intentional trend back towards family-centered rooms, without any gadgets or gizmos aplenty cluttering up the space. Ditching digital distraction allows for a relaxing space where connection and reflection can take center stage once more.

4. No need to choose

Do you ever hit a snag in design decision making, not knowing which texture or color to settle on? With the two-tone cabinet trend hitting the kitchen, you can have both of your favorites. Whether it be wood with white or texture with color, there is something for everyone. Woods can add in a welcoming warmth, differing color can create depth, and white can give a sense of freshness.

5. Global inspiration

Bring in décor pieces from around the world to create a beautiful, well-traveled living space. Those who live off the land have now inspired the nomadic décor trend hitting homes this year. Woven tapestries, rustic furniture, and simple geometric patterns are just a few examples of this popular trend. In addition, tribal rugs are always a unique choice. As an added bonus, the truly authentic pieces make wonderful conversation starters.

When it comes to home design and décor, playing into what is trending will give you a wider array of options when shopping. We’re looking forward to seeing what new trends will pop up next year!


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