The kitchen table is a multi-use space in the house that is used for entertaining, eating, and creating memories. Such an important and frequently used area deserves a proper dressing that reflects the style and personality of the home and its occupants. Making your own kitchen table centerpiece does not have to be a daunting task. Check out these ideas to making your own custom masterpiece that is just as effortless as it is stunning!

1. Apothecary Jars

Originating as pharmacy display tools sometime in the 17th century, apothecary jars have a historic and classic charm that cannot be denied. More vase than jar, these clear glass beauties make wonderful centerpieces as they can be filled with any item to achieve a custom look.

Inspiration: Fill jars with apples and painted pinecones and trim out the bottom with twine.

2. Cake Stand

Decorative cake stands make a lovely base for a kitchen table centerpiece. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, the cake stand adds height to the table and can be easily reworked to match seasons and events.

Inspiration: Decorate a two-tiered stand with small pumpkins, straw, and leaves for a festive focal treat.

3. Lantern

Glass lanterns serve as a centerpiece canvas that can be filled with festive items as well as decorated with ribbons or string that will tie into the theme.

Inspiration: Fill a lantern with river pebbles and place a candle inside. Finish with decorative ribbon tied on the handle.

shutterstock_1471259484. Wooden Boxes

Bring a rustic feel to your table by using a weathered wooden box as the base for your centerpiece. You can DIY these using pallet wood. Also try shopping antique stores or buying a replica. The size of the box should be in proportion with the table and how much work you want to put into your project.

Quick Tip

Fill a wooden box box with mason jars and use fresh flowers or clippings from trees and shrubs in your own yard to create a fresh focal point.

5. Pitcher

Using a glass or ceramic pitcher as a centerpiece is an easy way to add visual appeal to your table. Antique pitchers and bowls are quaint while a hand blown Mexican glass pitcher feels more abstract.

Inspiration: Fill a pitcher with real or artificial flowers reflective of the season. Place it inside a basket or tray for simple elegance.

6. Candle Cluster

Dinner by candlelight offers a relaxing mealtime atmosphere. Using candles in your focal point offers the added benefit of ambiance with all of the effortless style of a high end table accessory.

Inspiration: Use a small mirror to hold your candles and add tree branches for an organic touch.

Try one of these fun centerpiece ideas this weekend to bring out your inner visual virtuoso. Challenge yourself to be creative by using materials from your home and yard for a brilliant, budget-friendly masterpiece!



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