ArticleThumb_BuyerAgentA buyer’s agent is a real estate agent interested in what you need, not what a seller wants.

This agent will take care of the tedious work of house-hunting for you, handling most of the property search process. He or she will forward your loan pre-approval letters to the appropriate real estate agent, search listings for the right home and call other agents to set up house-viewing appointments. All you need to do is show up, look at properties and move ahead with plans to buy. Your agent also will help you when it comes to finding insurance, getting an inspection and understanding the sometimes confusing details of the buying process.

When you hire a buyer’s agent, he or she will be due a commission when you buy a home. This commission covers the time and energy the agent puts into helping you find a new home, along with expenses, expertise and research. The commission arrangement is discussed when you sign on.

Before signing up, meet with the agent  and determine if you will be in an exclusive agreement with the agent or if you can look to other agents for help. Do you like the agent and feel you will be comfortable working with him or her? Also consider whether the agent can help you negotiate with a seller and whether the agent will negotiate with you, should the need arise.

When an agent only deals with buyers, a conflict of interest should not present a problem. These agents do not have listings that they may be trying to sell. In general, buyer’s agents are more likely to negotiate strongly on your behalf.

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