Can’t decide if you should relocate or not? You are not alone! Many people contemplate relocating to another city or state, but it’s a big decision. Follow these quick easy steps to learn how to decide if relocating is right for you:

1 Virtual visits

Thanks to the Internet, it’s easy to visit different cities and states around the country from the comfort of your home. Research different areas and find those places that present the type of lifestyle you are interested in. Would your ideal location be geared toward retirement, families or farming? Would you like to live in a college town?

2 Seek help from professionals

Contact a local real estate agent in each area and request more information on housing and amenities such as hospitals, libraries and schools. Review the information and narrow it down to your top three choices.

3 Take a vacation to visit the area

Let you real estate agent know in advance that you will be visiting and arrange to see various locations around town that are in your price range. Pay special attention to what you like and don’t like. Take time to visit those community resources most meaningful to you, such as parks, hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants, shopping and other locations.

4 And don’t forget Homes & Land can help!

Flip through a digital version of Homes & Land magazines local to the area you’re considering. Digital magazines can be delivered to your email address or viewed on the Web. Find local real estate magazines at

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