What to Know about Stone Flooring Tiles

Stone Struck Natural stone — in statues, columns or under your feet — says permanence, stability and frequently luxury. And while you may not have a life-size Venus or Corinthian…..

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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Why the air inside is polluted, and what you can do about it From cutting down on cleaning chemicals to opening windows, here’s a look at ways to improve indoor air quality……

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Comparing Water Heaters

Conventional? On-demand? Solar? Making sense of new and old in the world of water heaters Saving on energy costs is high on every homeowner’s list of priorities. With this is…..

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The Warm Outdoors: How to Choose an Outdoor Heater

Don’t let a chill chase you off the patio. Generating a little heat outside can help expand a home’s cold-season living space on all but the nastiest days. For most every backyard and budget, there’s a way to create a bright spot in the landscape…

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Avoid Home Equity Loan Mistakes

Is tapping home equity a good idea? A home equity loan or home equity line of credit, known as a HELOC, can be a tremendous help to a homeowner, providing funds…..

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