Selecting a luxury home builder to construct your new luxury home is the most critical decision in the entire process of building a new home. It is important to obtain references from each potential builder. Call their references to determine how well the entire process was handled. Did the builder return calls promptly? Was the builder reasonable about change orders? Did the builder interject creative ideas about materials and finish products and did he complete on time?

After polling references, it is time to take a candid look at the builder’s workmanship and finished products. Builders tend to adapt a signature design or personality in their product. Do not expect a builder who favors tile roofs and stucco to build a Georgian mansion. Determine the builder’s expertise and stick with his true skill.

Do not be tempted to “save money” with a builder who is eager to enter the luxury homebuilding market. Cutting cost with a new builder is not advisable. The money you think you are saving will cost you more in errors and delays.

Finally, new homes need to have a thorough inspection performed prior to finalizing the documentation. Most people think of inspections for previously built homes, but problems with new homes do arise. Use the services of a competent inspector even when building a new luxury home.

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