shutterstock_403715995-1If you are ready to bust through the clutter and embrace the art of organization, you will love these fun do it yourself tips!

1. The multiple uses of tension rods

Tension rods are a wonderful trick to expand closet space, but there is so much more you can do with them! Consider a tension rod for a utility cabinet. Spray bottles can be hooked over the rod for storage expansion. Small cafe rods can be installed vertically in kitchen cabinets to help organize baking sheets and cutting boards.

2. Shoe holders for more than just shoes

Shoe holders are an incredibly useful tool to expand space. Though there are a variety of color and pattern choices available, the clear pocket holders allow you see all of your supplies at one glance. Try one in the pantry for snacks and sauce packets. The craft closet can be tidied up easily by using this simple hack. Gloves, hats, and winter accessories can be stashed away inside the pockets in the coat closet.

3. Home office binders

Try using binders to tidy up your office area. Used binders can be covered in shelf paper to give them a face lift that will stand out. Assign a binder to each family member for school work or personal paperwork and keep a hole punch or container of plastic sleeves nearby to stay on top of your well bound paper trail. This above board filing system is a sure way to stay organized and is much easier to access than a filing cabinet.

4. Change the way you fold clothes

Bursting drawers can be reconfigured by simply rolling your clothes instead of folding them. This space saving hack is often used when packing a suitcase, but you will be amazed at how much neater clothing will stay when it is not stacked on itself. 

5. Linen storage for the win

Folding sheets is not a favorite chore, but watching all of your hard work come undone in the linen closet is an all too familiar housekeeping fail. If only there were a perfectly matching container that could be utilized to hold the sheet set together nicely. Like a pillowcase? Best laundry hack ever! Just fold up those spare sheets and slide them right into one of the matching cases. Brilliant!

6. Cork board hacks

Bring the cork board out of the office and put it to work holding anything you can hang on a push pin. Overflowing accessories in the closet will find a new home hung neatly on a corked wall. Use a cork board in the kitchen to hang handy utensils or pot holders behind the stove. Expand space even more by installing cork tiles on the inside of kitchen cabinet doors for quick notes, recipes, coupons or even small baking supplies.

At little to no cost, these simple and fun organization hacks will having you feeling like a housekeeping hero as you tidy your entire home!





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