If you are one of the many home sellers who are skeptical of home staging, then chances are you are leaving money on the table. Just take a few minutes to consider how building contractors stage model homes — the latest styles, smart interior design and professional coordination create an ambiance that makes even an ordinary home look extraordinary.

Not sure if you should invest in a staging company or a professional to stage your home to sell? Use this list to determine if home staging is a good investment in your situation:

1 Are you trying to sell a luxury home or condominium?

Big ticket items — especially real estate — should look their very best at all times.

2 Are you trying to sell a home or condo with builder models still available?

It’s natural that buyers will take time to look at the new models, and those are almost certain to be staged by a professional. Put your property on equal footing.

3 Are other homes in your area using staging?

Spend a few minutes searching listings by ZIP code at to determine how most homes are currently staged, then meet or exceed the same expectations to ensure your home looks its best.

Thinking of selling and are asking yourself, “Should I stage my home to sell?” Find a local real estate agent who can answer those questions and begin your home search now by searching available real estate listings.