Bulky waste

Perhaps your oldest child has finally moved out or you’ve just had enough of the accumulate-and-store hamster wheel. If this describes you, it’s time to simplify and consider downsizing.

As our tastes change over time, it’s only natural to replace tired or just-barely-functional cabinets, beds and other items. Large pieces of furniture, such as sleeper sofas and armoires, are notoriously difficult to donate, yet we often can’t bring ourselves to put them in the trash heap. Nevertheless, when it’s time to downsize, these items must be the first to go.

Although you may not want your older furniture, one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Take several clear photos of your unwanted items and try selling them on Craigslist or through your local newspaper. Be ready to negotiate and exercise caution when meeting potential buyers. While most Craigslist users are honest, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You can also try eBay. Buyers pay for shipping and if you really want to get rid of your things you can start bidding at one dollar. It’s easy to hire a local shipper to deliver your goods anywhere in the continental United States.

Not into the do-it-yourself thing? Contact a professional tag sale organizer or host a garage sale yourself. Don’t forget to post ads in local papers and signs on community boards – experienced sellers know that advertising and low prices are the keys to success.

If you’re philanthropically motivated, contact area thrift stores, community centers, group homes, shelters, and support agencies that may need donations for folks who need help. Don’t forget to save the receipt, because donations are tax deductible (subject to Internal Revenue Service rules, of course). The best part? Not only will you clean out your attic, you’ll give someone in need a helping hand.

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