Need a few home improvement ideas that might actually save you money? Keep reading!

Think green

Updating light fixtures and bulbs not only saves money but is good for the environment — all while providing an immediate return on your investment. LED lighting, while still somewhat pricey, is the most promising energy-saving technology now available, and homeowners and decorators alike appreciate its light quality. Once you are finished with the lighting, consider updating old energy-hungry appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers and washer/dryers. Call local energy providers or check online to find out if your city or county offers incentives for the purchase of energy-efficient appliances.


Mulch Bed With Edging

Reduce energy costs by making minor modifications to the doors, window and insulation of your home. Call your local electric company to inquire about a free energy audit inspection then take the results to your local hardware store to purchase exactly what you need.

Xeriscape the yard

Using native plants for landscaping is not only beautiful and ecologically sound, plus it reduces the cost of water, fertilizer and maintenance.

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