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What is the Internet’s place in the home selling process?

The Internet is an indispensable tool for you and your real estate agent. Homebuyers from across the country, or the world can find homes for sale online and are able to see your listing with a click of a mouse or the touch of a fingertip — and they fully expect that instant access. The Internet fills many roles in selling a home on today’s market. Here are a few tips for using the Internet to sell a home:

  • You and your agent can make your real estate listing stand out from the others. On sites such as, you can list your home and include pictures and a detailed description of the property. It is important to include good photos of your home. Make it look like somewhere you would want to live, even if you knew nothing about your town.

  • Make sure your agent is responsive to e-mail. Make your initial contact by e-mail, or via a Web site like, and see how quickly your agent responds. You want to make sure he or she will respond quickly to potential buyers or their agents. If your agent responds by phone, ask how often he or she checks e-mail and answers it.

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