If you are one of the joyous folks of the world expecting a bouncing baby boy or girl in the near future, then your decorative mode is in full swing. Perhaps you are opting to be surprised by your baby’s gender upon his or her debut, or simply want to have a nursery that can easily transition from one child to the next. If that’s you, then read on for some creative and fun gender-neutral design inspiration to satisfy your nesting instinct.

Sea Creatures

Creatures of the sea offer a perfect opportunity for your neutral theme. Octopi, starfish, dolphins, and coral all can be splashed upon the wall with varied shades of blue to accompany them. Keep it muted or bright depending on your color preference. A chevron rug with navy and cream will complete the look.

Nursery Rhyme

Revisit the nursery rhymes of your childhood with subtle silvers, brushed bronze, and others grays. The whimsy of fiddling cats and laughing dogs is balanced with soft shades of gray. Add detail to your dresser’s look with spoons or crescent moon knobs. This pallet works well in a shared space with mom and dad, too.

Numbers and Letters

No matter the gender, all can get on board with a nursery full of numbers or the alphabet. Fill the walls with well-placed canvas art full of colorful numbers and letters, or stick with a few key colors for your theme. A white arched back crib could sit upon a circular rug. Once your baby debuts, add his or her name above the bed for a more personal touch.

Center around Color

Try a gender neutral room full of color and geometric shapes. Begin with the wall housing the crib and paint it a fun, bright accent color. Or stripe the wall with a neutral shade centered around a colored crib.  

Quick Tip

Pick one bold color such as yellow or teal to splash throughout the room for a unified look.

Woodland Nursery

shutterstock_505486135.1Boys and girls alike will love being surrounded by the sweet sights of nature. Friendly raccoons, doe-eyed deer, and vibrant owls can appear on the shelving, on a lampshade, or even on sheets. The centerpiece of the space can be a tree mural, complete with woodland creatures and three-dimensional branches.

Knights and Princesses

Red and yellow triangular flags flow across a ceiling in this room. The dark wood crib could be flanked by playful murals of pink princesses and brave knights. A dresser could serve as the changing table, which can easily transition later for use in a toddler’s room. A dragon can be the star of the show either on canvas art, a rug design, or perhaps a lamp shade.

Congratulations on your new journey in nursery design. Whether you are choosing to design for a surprise baby or you are opting to decorate for any future babies too, these inspiring ideas are sure to set you on your way.


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