Be sure to check out some of these books to help you while you are in the process of looking for and buying a home. There’s no need to reinvent the real estate wheel, or the home-buying process:

“The Essential Handbook for Buying A Home”

This book, from 2011 by Karen Rittenhouse, covers all of the essentials. Without fluff, you can quickly get up to speed on:

  • Getting the right mortgage
  • Whether or not you should get a home inspection
  • How to determine property value
  • How to make an offer
  • The advantage of this book is that it puts everything you should know in a systematized order and natural flow through the whole process.

“How To Buy A House The Right Way: The Complete Home Buying Guide For First-Time Home Buyers and Seasoned Pros”

Mark Kennedy is a seasoned pro himself, not only of the real estate industry but of mortgages, and he has the ability to write in a clear, interesting way that engages the reader. He reveals all the tips, secrets and strategies you need to get the most home for your money.

“Rich Dad Poor Dad”

This is a very different kind of book about buying a house. If you haven’t read it yet, it is highly recommended that you do. This book lays out, in a story-telling format, some of the key reasons why you should buy a house. The author, Robert Kiyosaki, learned two different philosophies from his two different “dads” – one was his own and the other his friend’s dad. This book will inspire you to not only buy a house – the right way, for the right reasons – but to buy real estate because it is an asset, and you want to own assets.

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