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There are a lot of free resources online to help you with your property search. You can find approximate home values, estimates of rental income and other information for any given address in the United States. is one of the great websites for house hunters.

The “What is my house worth?” tool will let you enter the address of nearly any U.S. property and it will give you an automated, approximate home valuation of that property from a variety of internet sites. The advantage of this approach is that you can get a fast estimated value. The disadvantage is that it is not necessarily accurate but it can give you a rough idea if you are just kicking tires. Ultimately, the best resource for pricing a property is a licensed real estate agent.

Another resource for those interested in rental home listings is You can put in filters to find what you want including how many bedrooms, baths, and so forth, as well as select a price range, and other features, and then search by city or ZIP code.

Finally, a great general resource for anyone looking for houses for sale is right here at You can research information on neighborhoods, schools, find out how much your monthly payments on a mortgage would be, and get general advice on the whole process of looking for your next home.

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Use our free home valuation tool: What is my house worth?