Home Improvements for Home

Along with being your “castle,” your home is also a major financial investment. That said, when it comes to home improvements you should look for the best return on investment, or ROI, as would any investor in the stock market or precious metals. Here are some projects that typically protect or increase a home’s market value whether a real estate market is up or down, and may be necessary in order to successfully market a home.

Replacing a roof in need of repair.

While not exciting, a new roof can add  aesthetic value and addresses existing and potential problems. Even a minor leak can severely damage roof trusses, attic and ceilings.

HVAC upgrades.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are integral components to every home. Upgrades in these areas typically increase or protect FMV because of their importance.


Paint is one of the most affordable improvements any homeowner can make, but when it comes to making a place look fresh and neat, it can’t be beat. Remember that wild colors are only for you. In the case of a sale, buyers are much more likely to be pleased, or at least not offended, by pale neutrals.

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