A Homeowners association is a great way to preserve neighborhood quality, retain property values and live among people who share your common interest and values. On the other hand, differences with homeowners associations can be frustrating and make homeowners feel like they have little control over their own home and land. Follow these tips to find a HOA that will work for you, enhancing rather than hindering your lifestyle:

1 Read and understand HOA restrictions

Many HOAs have age restrictions for adult communities or other restrictions related to the appearance and use of your home and property. Common examples include type of color permitted when painting your home or restrictions on storing boats and RVs. If you enjoy a uniform and consistent neighborhood, then chances are this will appeal to you, but stay away from tightly regulated HOA restrictions if you desire complete autonomy.

2 Pay for what you use

To derive the most benefit from an HOA it’s important to actually use the services. It doesn’t make sense to pay for lush golf courses, fitness facilities and other amenities that you don’t intend to use. What’s more, your chances of finding the perfect neighborhood increase if you live among people who share your interests.

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