By Victoria Lim

Selling a home is more than posting an ad and finding an appropriate real estate agent. Before you enlist your home, you have to do some redesign and renovation in order to get a better market value. Furthermore, you want to do everything you can so the buyers choose exactly your home.

 One of the aspects of your property that can really boost its value is the garden improvements. They are perfect since the buyers are defined by aesthetics. A nicely trimmed and organized garden will make all the difference during the open house when they will see your home in person for the first time. 

But, of course, before that comes the appraisal and photo shooting for the ad and you need your garden redefined by then. It may be quite a project, but it’s a worthwhile one you can only benefit from. Therefore, here are some suggestions on how to create a gorgeous garden which will impress even the toughest buyers.

Landscaping your garden

The most important thing to do before all else is to make a plan and see how to organize the front yard into a garden. This is called landscaping and includes not only designing of the designated area but also modifying it with gardening and reshaping of the terrain. Therefore, it needs an outline so you can calculate the costs and time needed for the changes you are about to make.

This may seem like a too much detailing for a garden, but with careful planning, you can have your garden in no time and to satisfaction of both you and potential buyers. However, pay special attention to this stage of the process. Gardens that look too staged or extremely new can make your buyers feel tricked or the property can lose its character, especially when it comes to antique homes.


Choosing the right plants

When it comes to plants, you should observe which would fit best considering the soil, weather and the exterior of the house. Always include the aesthetic element when deciding the type of plants you will plant in your garden. For example, if your house has the stone façade, you should plant wildflowers since they will give it that vintage feel.

Trees are the most complicated to grow, so you will have to work your way around the fact you don’t have them around the house. Plant the dwarf versions and evergreens to compensate, or you can even try mature trees or grown seedlings if you have enough time until you announce a sale. Flowery trees like rhododendron, holly and dogwoods grow faster and look amazing in any garden.

Flowers, on the other hand, can define your home completely. Choose the ones which smell wonderfully once in bloom and don’t easily wither. Perennials, for instance, bloom in spring and summer but die in autumn and winter so have that in mind when deciding what to plant in your garden.


Create a rest area

People like to see that there is a special spot in the garden where they can relax and enjoy the view. Think about adding a patio to the house with constructed awning pergola for shade where you can entertain your guests, spend time with your family and even dine during the summer. Alternatively, you can add a comfortable seating set and a fire pit so you can use this space in spring and autumn as well. This will all point out to your buyers that you value the space appreciated the possibilities it offers.


Be eco-friendly

One thing the buyers will look for is how much they will have to pay for the maintenance of the garden. If you use lampposts, huge decorations like fountains and have too many plants, even the fruits and herbs, people may see it as too big of an expense to maintain such garden.

However, use solar lamps instead, irrigation system with timer, organic pest sprays and natural materials like stone, rock and pebbles. This will give enough insurance to the potential buyers that your garden is self-sustained, easy to maintain, not expensive and above all – eco-friendly. 

Give it a personal touch

Buyers will know if you staged the garden or if you really wanted to have one. In order to avoid this, really think about the kind of garden you wanted to have but never got the time to do it. Add some details which will show that you invested yourself in the project.

You can choose a custom-made fence or place a small cart with planted flowers to serve as a decoration. Mow the lawn regularly and collect the leaves, so it would always look tidy and domesticated. Build a barbecue and invite friends and family or make a party. This way, you will enjoy some fun time in your new garden and buyers will know you loved it.

The buyers will know if they want to buy your property the moment they see it, so you need to wowed them and convince them that your house is the right one. Additionally, you have a beautiful garden for a while to enjoy and gardening will help loosen the stress of the selling process.