shutterstock_399860377With the rapid advance in technology, there are always amazing new gadgets entering the market. While you can improve your home greatly with the use of new smart home products, some of the new technologies coming out are costly. Although some smart home products may cause sticker shock, they can ultimately be a big money saver.

Here are 5 ways that smart home products can actually save you money in the long run:

1. Save on energy bills

To create the most comfortable and energy-efficient temperature, smart thermostats use sensors to detect where and when people are in the home. They can be programmed to your schedule, and even have automatic “away” settings that save energy while you’re gone. If you are away from the home (or are at home but do not want to walk to the thermostat), you can access the smart thermostat remotely through the product’s app.

2. Save on safety

While home security companies can offer cheap monthly rates, they still have costly signing and cancellations fees. This can be avoided when purchasing a smart security system. 

Quick Tip

Certain applications allow you to remotely enable or disable your security system, view live camera feeds, as well as receive notifications regarding activity on the property.

3. Save on TV subscriptions

Smart Televisions and Streaming Device products allow you to stream hundreds of free channels and can be tied to subscription services. You can use these smart products in conjunction with a satellite or cable service, or use the smart system exclusively to reduce monthly costs.

4. Save on a clean home

shutterstock_366559325Traditionally, a clean home is achieved by either spending personal time maintaining it, or spending money on a cleaning service. Cut these costs by purchasing a smart device that can clean for you. Technologies such as robot vacuums can keep your floors spotless with the click of a button. 

5. Save on monthly rentals

For certain services to run properly in your home, smart devices are often required. One example would be the Internet router, which can be rented out on a monthly basis by your Internet provider. While the monthly costs for these rentals are seemingly low, the ultimate cost of renting a product is usually more expensive than a one-time purchase of the device. More than likely, you can even purchase a device that is more effective than what you currently rent, and still end up saving money!




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