The home office is the hub for planning and keeping the family organized. Telecommuters often spend the bulk of their time here, all while enjoying the comfort of working in their pajamas. When it comes to decorating this cove of concentration, you should consider adding plants to enhance the space. Research suggests that improved memory, elevated mood, and numerous health benefits are linked to adding indoor plants to your work environment. Choosing your new office greenery will require you to determine which varieties will thrive best in your home office, while meeting your specific needs.

Low maintenance

If you’re worried that caring for your new green coworkers is going to distract you from getting any work done, you may want to specifically look for low maintenance survivors. Dracaenas, Bromeliads, Parlor Palms and Maidenhair Ferns are just a few of the many low light and little water plants that will give you joy while requiring very little in return. Save the growing instructions for each plant somewhere at your desk, and keep up with how often you water them. Though they are survivors, overwatering or forgetting to water can still be the end of them. After all, dead and wilted plants are not exactly cheerful or inspiring. 

shutterstock_200104898Air cleaners

Visual enhancement is a lovely reason to add plants to your home office, but it certainly is not the only one. Many plants have the ability to improve the air quality. For instance, Rubber Tree Plants are known as one of the best air detoxifier plants and are easy to grow indoors. In contrast, Aloe Vera thrives on direct sunlight but is a wonderful toxin purifier, and will turn brown if pollutants are in abundance.

Quick Tip

Other efficient air cleaning plants include: Peace Lily, Philodendron, Snake Plants, Spider Plants, English Ivy and Bamboo Palms. Most of these natural detox agents produce moisture, which can aid in breathing.

Space savers

You may be thinking that you lack the space for the addition of large trees or giant leaves. Do not fret, though! You can still pack plenty of potted pals in the room if you know what to look for. Firstly, make sure you research your selection since you don’t want to purchase a tiny sproutling that’s going to burst into draping branches that take over the room. African Violets are guaranteed to stay tiny, and many cacti can be found small enough to grow in a shot glass. If ferns are your thing, research Air Ferns that often require no soil or sunlight, and will add a refreshing burst of green. Another solution for small spaces is to purchase containers that mount to a wall or suction cup onto a window.

Enjoy turning your workspace into a green space!



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