Showing your home to potential buyers isn’t just about square footage. You’re selling the idea of life in your home as much as you are selling any features or amenities. 

Here are some simple ways to get your home ready for its first showing!

Fix any major and minor issues

If your home is an eyesore, then it won’t seem like an obvious buy for most potential home buyers. In order to make it sellable, you’ll need to make it livable. Fix any issues you may have been putting off, and pay attention to any annoyances like creaky stairs or a dripping faucet.

Remember to clean each area of the house from top to bottom. If cleaning isn’t your strong suit, though, it’s best to hire a cleaning service. Be sure to also free your house of clutter, and give some serious thought to the most attractive and simple layout for each room.

shutterstock_156747542Focus on lighting

Once every little hiccup with the house have been fixed, one of the biggest things you can focus on is the lighting. If you’ve properly prepared all other areas of your house, then this will only increase its attractiveness.  

Make it accessible

You’re going to be selling to a wide market, so you should acknowledge that by making your home as accessible as possible for home buyers. It’s a good idea to also paint your house in neutral tones, so it won’t turn off certain buyers.

Quick Tip

It’s easier for a buyer to imagine how they’ll make a neutral palette more vibrant, rather than how they’ll tone down loud color schemes. 

The importance of appearance

Your home may have plenty of available storage and a spacious living room, but none of that matters if your guests don’t notice. Use visual tricks to show off the home’s space and flow.

Possible solutions may include making sure your closets are half empty and organized, removing any unnecessary pieces of furniture, and hiding unsightly wires. These DIY fixes will help more than any paint combo possibly could.

Once you get everything cleaned, painted, and staged the way you want, do your best to keep it that way. If you’re living in the house and have children, go over a plan for how they’ll help re-stage before a showing. Don’t squander all your hard work from lack of maintenance!




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