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Once you’ve contacted a real estate agent to sell your home, there are a number of steps he or she will take before ever listing your home.

According to the National Association of Realtors, there are 200 steps an agent takes to sell a house. It’s important for you to be familiar with the process. Feel free to ask your real estate agent what he or she is discovering while performing these initial steps.

  • The agent will start by making an appointment with you for a listing presentation and will begin researching similar properties on the market.

  • The agent will also find out the average number of days a property like yours stays on the market.

  • He or she will review property tax roll information.

  • Those steps will help your agent prepare a “Comparable Market Analysis,” a vital document for determining a fair price for your home.

  • The agent will also review the exterior of your home to determine “curb appeal,” or the appeal of your home from the street. He or she will also review the interior of your home and make suggestions on decor, intended to shorten the amount of time on the market.

  • He or she will also research information about the public schools in your area to share with potential buyers.

  • During the listing presentation, you and your agent will discuss how to price your home and market it. He or she will also give you an overview of the current market conditions.

Find a local realty expert who can answer your questions about the selling process, or check the local market via our real estate listings.