When you stop to consider just how much time a person spends using the bathrooms in their home every day, it makes sense that this is not only one of the most frequently remodeled rooms in the home, but also one of the most specific in terms of requests.

According to industry experts, smart and energy efficient home designs top the list of things that people most want to see in a home. Remodeling your bathroom can also recoup you as much as 65% at time of resale. These five projects will help make your bathroom smarter and more energy efficient, so you can benefit both now and when you decide to sell.

Radiant Heat Floor

Nothing is colder than a tile floor on a winter’s morning. So, warm up your bathroom with radiant heat. Many radiant heat systems operate on a separate thermostat that works on a timer, turning on only when you need it, and using significantly less energy than other heating sources.


Cost & Money Saving Tips

Radiant heat costs around $700 for a bathroom installation, and it can help you save even more on energy costs when you program it to turn on minutes before you wake up in the morning and to turn off when you leave for the day.

Tankless Water Heater

Hot water heaters are huge energy pits, eating up fuel all day while they keep water warm just in case it may be used. Installing a tankless unit can help you save you hundreds on your energy bill by heating the water only as you use it. This ensures that the only energy going into the heater is what’s needed and no more.

Cost & Money Saving Tips

A tankless water heater costs around $1,500 to $2,000, and can provide you with plenty of hot water, without the wasted electricity.

Smart Bathroom Fan

A bathroom fan helps control the humidity levels in the room, but you need to remember to use it. Smart fans can be programmed to turn on automatically, helping you achieve the right amount of humidity, while using less energy, because they can also turn themselves off.

Cost & Money Saving Tips

The average bathroom fan installation costs around $350 to $400, but a smart fan may require the services of an electrician as well, at a further cost of $65  – $85 an hour. Look for models that have sensors so you don’t have to think about their use at all. 

Smart Toilet

Toilets are integral to every bathroom design. Make yours more efficient and more pleasant to use by investing in a smart model. Smart toilets have automatically closing lids, heated seats, and spray wash options. They also use less water, at around 1 gallon a flush.

Cost & Money Saving Tips

The typical toilet costs between $100 and $1,500, and installation costs about $45 – $65 an hour, or around $100 on average. You can also invest in a smart toilet seat for your existing toilet to save money and get many of the features at the same time. 

Add Bluetooth

Stream music and the news, or give commands to other systems in the home by installing Bluetooth in the bathroom. Bluetooth speakers are becoming common bathroom additions, as they can hook up to many home automation systems, allowing you to enjoy your time in the bathroom more. 


Cost & Money Saving Tips

The average cost of adding Bluetooth speakers to the bathroom is between $99 and $300. Save money by installing it yourself if you already have a hub or protocol in place.

Make Your Bathroom Smarter

Smart bathroom designs make using the bathroom easier, faster, and more enjoyable. They also top the list of things that most homebuyers want to see in the homes they purchase. If your bathroom is in need of an upgrade, consider adding these smart devices to the room to make it more efficient and more attractive at the same time.

By Yuka Katu