girlFree-spirits and nonconformists have always had a way of capturing our imagination. Now you can bring the artistic, carefree style of modern boho fashion into your home by following these simple tips.

Modern Boho flawlessly blends today’s sleek, toned-down minimalism with the unconventional, free-spiritedness of classic bohemian trends. Its bare-bones emphasis on natural materials and global accents make it an ideal style choice for a tranquil yet offbeat bedroom.

While previous incarnations of bohemian style have relied on heavily mixed patterns and intentionally cluttered spaces, modern boho is more about combining simple elegance with earthy, cultural flair.

When selecting furniture and linens, look for those made from naturally-occurring materials. Soft leathers, knotty woods, and classic rattan accents create an effortless, laidback foundation. From there, build your bedroom sanctuary with your favorite eclectic patterns and prints.

Low-profile comfort

comfortA common feature in modern boho bedrooms is the low-profile, platform bed. You can achieve a similar look on a budget by simply putting your box spring and mattress directly on the floor. A wicker Papasan chair will also make a great addition to your peaceful haven. Alternatively, rattan egg-shaped chairs or woven hammock seats, both of which can be hung from the ceiling, can be used to create intimate reading nooks in rooms with limited space. Kilim rugs and pillows complete that boho look while keeping the space cozy.

Multi-functional décor

Make your thoughtfully-chosen accents shine by keeping the decorations sparse and multi-functional. Create artwork with utility by hanging your favorite floppy hat or woven market bag on a decorative wall hook. Use simple, floating wood shelves to showcase items you’ve picked up on your travels. 

Quick Tip

Brightly colored geodes, weathered sea glass, dreamcatchers, and tribal baskets make excellent focal pieces.

Let your creativity shine!

Modern boho typically depends on softer, muted colors, but don’t shy away from mixed patterns and bright hues if that’s what brings you joy. Absolutely anything–even floral on floral–can work in a boho bedroom. Your creativity and sense of personal style can come through most in your choice of throw blankets, pillows, tapestries, rugs, and other details.

plantsBring the outdoors in

Of course, no modern boho bedroom would be complete without a few houseplants. Get creative with your planters—wooden bowls, vintage vases, and even tribal baskets can become interesting, one-of-a-kind homes for your plants. Try a vintage macramé hanger to showcase your favorite ivy or fern. If you don’t have a green-thumb or the time to care for difficult plants, pick up a small container garden of hard-to-kill succulents and air plants.

Your bedroom should be the one room in your house that is truly yours. Create your own modern boho oasis to escape to by following these tips. But remember: you are the artist!



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