People rarely think of having an inspection performed for new homes and even less often for luxury homes, but it’s a good idea to hire an inspector when considering any home purchase. Here are some other quick tips that can literally save you thousands of dollars when contemplating your new home purchase:

1 Examine the builder warranty information

Luxury home builders in particular often have greater than average customization and other features including technology or design that may lead to inadvertent issues. Understand what the builder is responsible for and for how long.

2 Review the minimum performance standards of any prospective home builders you are considering

These are minimum expectations that each builder should be willing to provide in writing. Performance standards stipulate what you can expect the builder to fix and in what time frame. These often include cosmetic items outside those of the typical building codes. For example, an irregular tile in the middle of a room may easily pass inspection but fail to meet your expectations when having a luxury home built.

3 Find out if your builder is a member of the local Builders Association

If you are not sure, consult with local real estate professionals who can usually suggest a trusted builder in the area.

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