A home with three or more levels may be just what your family needs – or it could end up being a total nightmare to live in and care for. Whether multi-story real estate makes sense for you will largely depend on your family makeup, the layout of the home in question and your personal preferences. A few of the big plusses – and minuses – of a multi-story home are detailed below:

Multi story home pluses

A home with three or more stories generally has an impressive exterior size; there is also room for outstanding focal points like a majestic foyer or a private balcony or deck on the top level. In many cases, a home with multiple stories will have some nice luxury perks, from an elevator to a central vacuum system, upstairs bar or kitchen and third-floor laundry facilities. A multi-story home allows you to have plenty of living space without taking a big bite out of the yard space. In communities with limited lot sizes, growing up instead of out can give you some extra room on an average lot.

Multi story home minuses

Because of steps and staircases, very old, very young or mobility impaired members of the family may have difficulty reaching the upper levels of a multistory home. Laundry day can be difficult as well – don’t be surprised to find some members of the family hoarding dirty laundry instead of bringing it downstairs, if your only laundry room is on the first level.

Moving furniture and large artwork into and out of the home may be difficult when you deal with three or more levels. Painting, hanging artwork and chandeliers indoors can present a special problem in very tall foyers and staircases; painting the exterior, cleaning gutters, and hanging holiday decorations pose a similar challenge outdoors.

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