questions when buying new home

What are some questions to ask when buying a new home?

It’s easy to think of questions to ask when you’re buying an existing home. When was the last time the roof was replaced? What about the boiler, and when was the heating system last updated?

One of the advantages of buying a new home is that everything is brand new, but there are still questions to ask before buying one.

  • If the home isn’t yet complete, when will it be done? And what if construction moves behind schedule? Even if your builder is reputable and experienced, if he is working on a tight schedule, a big rainstorm or any number of unexpected events could delay completion.
  • What will be built around your new home? Many new home communities are located in relatively undeveloped neighborhoods, but they could be developed soon. Make sure you find out how the lots near your new home are zoned or if there are plans in the works. Figure out how traffic patterns near your home may change and if there will be light or noise that you don’t want to live with. A municipal or county planning office should be able to help you find out what might be developed.
  • What can you customize in your new home? You’ll probably save money in the long run if you have the builder install the super-efficient heating system you want, or if they add in the third garage space for your teenager’s car.
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