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new palette

Pantone Fall 2017 Fashion Color Report, original photo on Houzz

Are you bored with the usual autumn colors and need inspiration for a seasonal interior refresh? The Pantone Fall 2017 Fashion Color Report is a go-to reference guide if you’re wanting to introduce a new palette into your interior.

“We don’t just look to Pantone as a swatch book anymore; they have paved the way to play with color,” says Dallas-based creative consultant Rolf Nelson. 

This season’s selections push the boundaries beyond the typical and highlight a spectrum of warm, refreshing and soothing colors. “Pantone is always ahead of the curve when it comes to color choices,” says fashion and interiors stylist Dorcia Kelley, who’s based in New York. “There’s always unexpected colors and not just what colors are trending.”

The boldest color in the palette, Grenadine, is not for the faint of heart. This dynamic red hue, labeled the attention-getter, also adds warmth with its orange undertones. The color exudes confidence and has been seen on fashion runways on power suits, chunky sweaters and overcoats.

new palette

Mark English Architects AIA, original photo on Houzz

Grenadine is an ideal color to add drama to a modern room. Use the vibrant shade as a high-contrast element against a white or black backdrop, as seen here in a dining room in San Francisco.

“Grenadine would look great in a foyer,” Dorcia says. “Imagine an entryway with this pop of color that opens into an all-white interior. It’s a fun color you wouldn’t ordinarily think to use.”

Trendy colors come and go but gray is a staple that’s here to stay. Think outside the box with Neutral Gray. This crisp choice is not just for wall paint. Use it as an accent against shades of white to add depth to a space.

When paired with muted tones, the soft shade creates a natural and organic feel. To brighten a space, a light shade of gray wall coloring can be a more calming option than white.

new palette

ID.ology Interiors & Design, original photo on Houzz

If you’re worried that grays may feel dull, consider using it in graphic patterned textiles paired with raw woods, as was done in this cozy bedroom retreat in North Carolina.

Described as sheltering and as protective as evergreen trees, Shaded Spruce brings the soothing colors of the forest inside. “I find the Pantone color trends evoke the emotion of true-to-life experiences that we all relate to,” Rolf says. 

For master bedrooms, if you’re looking to create a relaxing atmosphere, layer textiles in the tranquil green-blue shades with beige tones.

new palette

Smartstyle Interiors, original photo on Houzz

This kitchen combines three hues of the outdoorsy color. The mid-range tones of the painted kitchen island complement the more vivid dining chairs, while the deeper-hued window coverings ground the room.

Shades of pink will surely remain a top choice in girls’ rooms, but the soft, sophisticated feel of Pantone’s Ballet Slipper allows for inclusion in an adult space as well.

“Ballet Slipper is a great addition to a wall covering that has a hint of the hue.” To take the color even further, Dorcia says, “Instead of using white for crown molding, consider using Ballet Slipper to create a feminine tone to the room.”

new palette

James Said, original photo on Houzz

When matched with matte black and metallics, the elegance of Ballet Slipper is elevated, creating a glitzy Hollywood Regency style.

Try light and dark shades of the single color to create a stylish monotone theme.

Marina, the one cool color included in the palette, is sure to be a hit for the home. The energetic blue provides balance when used with a mostly warm-toned room.

“Marina could be used for either an entire dining room or just seat cushions,” Dorcia suggests. “Pair it with black or brown accents. It really goes well with neutrals.”

new palette

Denna Zinn Interiors, original photo on Houzz

Make a statement by using this cheerful blue on a bathroom vanity, and match it with patterned wallpaper. For a touch of glam, consider gold or rose gold hardware.

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